The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world, featuring 1,900 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors. The 2014 edition will be held in Chicago from September 8th to 13th and Missler Software will present live demos on booth #E3236.

The French software developer will present its integrated PDM/CAD/CAM software range and in particular TopSolid’Cam 7.8, its latest CAM software.
Here are some of TopSolid’Cam’s new functionalities which will be presented on this show :

TopSolid’Pdm Server 7, the essential solution to manage your company’s technical data
TopSolid’Pdm is a complete, easy-to-setup and use solution to manage all your technical data. TopSolid’Pdm seamlessly manages all the relationships between your documents, from design through to manufacturing. TopSolid’Pdm centralizes all information related to a product that can be difficult to find (CAD designs, specification sheets, enhancement requests, design notes…) in one location, and thus improves product quality by eliminating errors associated with incomplete or duplicate data.
Thanks to its role-specific user interface, TopSolid’Pdm provides users with interactive and intuitive visualization, allowing them to quickly navigate through projects. Easy-to-understand concepts to find and manage files help increase productivity.

Reduce machining times by 50% with VoluMill TopSolid Edition
Missler Software has chosen to integrate Volumill machining strategies into TopSolid’Cam 7.8 to be able to offer its customers the best algorithms on the market for toolpath calculation. VoluMill toolpaths use smooth, flowing motion, eliminating sharp directional changes and variances in tool load. Using VoluMill in place of traditional roughing routines will reduce your cycle times, extend the life of your cutting tools, and place considerably less stress on your machine tools, thereby reducing your costs while increasing your productivity.
Depending on the material and topology in question Missler Software has observed significant time gains in machining operations (up to 70% in the best of cases), extended tool and machine life thanks to the use of VoluMill. Completely integrated with TopSolid’Cam, VoluMill is available as an option in TopSolid’Cam 7.8.

TopSolid’NC SIMUL for perfect G code simulation
Missler Software integrates the well-known G code simulation software, NCSIMUL Machine, as an option which can be used directly within TopSolid’Cam.
The combination of the two will leverage an incredible security and insurance throughout the machining process and programming stages for the customer, especially required when the part is a very expensive one, or when the machining cycle takes hours as well as the final tuning of the tool path, close to the machine in the workshop. TopSolid’NCSIMUL is positioned as an affordable solution that is well positioned both in terms of technology and pricing. TopSolid’NCSIMUL offers substantial time savings thanks to error detection and CNC programs validation.

Increase of the CAD/CAM productivity thanks to the integration of Adveon in TopSolid 7
Smart software with all the necessary functions for the management of cutting parts, collisions and driven points, Adveon provides access, via the Internet, to any supplier’s tool library, CAD/CAM productivity is thus increased thanks to the provision of the catalog including all the relevant information (geometry and cutting conditions).
The target is potentially manufacturing engineering and company workshops equipped with numerically controlled machine tools.
The library allows a whole database of tools to be quickly built and provides automatic access to 3D CAD models for precise simulation and visualization. Manual entry is minimized, ensuring the consistency and quality of data.

About Missler Software
Missler Software, whose headquarters is located just outside Paris, France, is the software developer of the TopSolid CAD/CAM/ERP software range dedicated to the mechanical manufacturing, toolmaking, wood and sheetmetal industries. In 2013 company turnover was €27M for 200 employees. Every year Missler Software invests in the region of 30% of its annual turnover in Research and Development for its integrated software range. The company was founded in 1984 and has been present on the international market since 1997. Missler Software exports approximately 60% of its software licenses via a network of 80 value added resellers throughout the world. For further information visit



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