LT-FREE – 5 axis laser cutting machine | BLM GROUP


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The LT-FREE 5 axis laser cutting system is ideal for 3D parts, bent, hydroformed or pre-assembled tubes or flat and pressed sheets.

Traditional cutting, drilling, piercing, milling and deburring operations, which are normally carried out in sequence, can now be performed on a single machine in a single cycle.

This makes finished parts without ’work in progress’ inventory, consequently reducing material handling costs and streamlining the entire production process – as well as downsizing the space needed for storage.

The system is equipped with a fiber laser capable of processing any type of metallic components (mild steel, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel, etc.) at high speed with excellent quality.

Possible jobs:
– trimming and piercing on bends
– high quality and accurate cuts, ideal for welding by robots during a later assembly stage
– finishing of hydroformed parts
– piercing anywhere on bent tubes
– preformed sheet trimming
– processing of preassembled frames


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